Sustainable Noise Barriers
Along railways and motorways and in all other places where noise levels exceed legal limits Deceuninck noise barriers can effectively muffle all offending frequencies thus contributing to the wellbeing of residents and passers-by.
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Proven Effectiveness
All over the world Deceuninck noise barriers are being installed to create quieter and more liveable environments. The number of industrial, private and public sector clients who are willing to provide references for us and our products is increasing every day.
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A Closed Loop
For the production of our acoustic barriers we exclusively use sustainable, 100% recyclable and low maintenance materials. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of our products to a minimum by establishing a closed loop supply chain.
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About us

Deceuninck is all about sustainability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. We are a value driven company striving to build a better world for our partners and end-users by using state-of-the-art materials for the production of highly effective products.
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